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GEM Tubular Plate Batteries are specially designed for inverter applications and are made with ultra-thick charged plates for long life & performance. They are user-friendly batteries with quick initial charging capability.



Gem off grid solutions offer you independence to generate solar power, run your loads on solar and store the excess energy in batteries. We are the only company which provides Off Grid solar solution even without using battery.



Gem is the country’s Largest Power Products manufacturer for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). HOME UPS are built on DSP technology that saves electricity and safe for your valuable appliances.

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Team of Professional

GEM Family is driven by Qualified & Experienced professionals. We have adopted an open door policy at all the levels which motivates employees to be participative, creative & innovative. Empowering employees help the organization in developing individual talents to the fullest. We are focused in building Team Spirit among all the members to understand the collective potential. Workforce is encouraged to take a creative as well as individual approach with main focus on performance and skill and equal and merit based opportunities.


Full of services

The fact is that GEM Batteries, today, is the leading name in automotive, tractor and tubular stationary batteries for automotive vehicles, UPS system, inverters and generator across India. An apt testimony of the company’s commitment to quality and consumer delight. Our company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. GEM carries products and services with the finest value and quality in the market.


Smart Technology

GEM IS GERMAN TECHNOLOGY BATTERIES come in a polypropylene container. Apart from being tamper proof & leak proof, it is Heat Sealed with Intelligent air tight construction. With high efficiency grid design and latest glass mat & PE envelope separator technology from World's No.1, DARAMIC, U.S.A, GEM battery packs in more power and gives longer life. Besides these, GEM utilizes lead of 99.994% purity & High bride Alloy to manufacture world class batteries which are tested under JIS & IS STANDARD for both Automotive & Tubular in controlled process.


27/7 Support

Our Customer service representatives are accessible, knowledgeable and courteous. They have excellent listening skills and a willingness to compromise to reach a resolution. We make a commitment to providing up-to-date and most accurate information about products and company policies. to customer service representatives. To avoid complicating an existing problem information. We always do customer feedback Surveys about the service they receive and to suggest areas for improvement


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