Cranking Performance @0 “0 F (amps) Dimensions VOLTAGE Total Weight Acid Volume
Battery Model at 80″0 F (MIN) L W H Kg. Kg.
GCSF-240Plus 100 260 180 270 6V 30 8.2
Capacity Minutes Capacity B Amp-Hours (AH) Energy (kWh)
25 75 5-HR 10-HR 20-HR 100-HR 100-HR
475 125 196 220 240 270 2



Salient Features:


  • Tubular positive plates consisting of low maintenance alloy grids and properly balanced active material
  • Thick pasted negative plates in dry charged condition for quick commissioning
  • Imported high quality polyethylene separators
  • Heat sealed polypropylene containers and covers ensure leak proof batteries thereby ensuring operator safety
  • Quality assurance provided by clearly defined statistical quality control methods at every stage of manufacturing
  • Assured high efficiency as well as long & dependable service life Guaranteed performance and proven reliability